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    Privacy policy



    By using our service, ProKarting ensure you we are working to protect your personal data. We have therefore a ​​Policy outlining how your personal data will be processed and protected. Any changes to this privacy policy we have created can be found by visiting our website.


    How do we use your personal data?
    By providing your personal data you consent to the use of your collected data in order to fulfill our commitments and provide you with the service you expect.

    We will keep your information only for as long as is necessary or as long as it's are legally required. Afterwards your personal data will be deleted. We can not delete your data when there is a statutory storage is required, such as accounting rules or when there are legal grounds are around the data, such as a current contractual relationship.


    What are your rights?
    You have the right to ask for information about the personal information we have about you. If your information is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you can ask to correct or delete the information.


    Who has access to the data?
    We will not sell or exchange any of your information to third parties for marketing purposes outside ProKarting unless required by law. Information to be forwarded to third parties, for example transport/transport companies are exclusively in connection with the delivery of the goods ordered by you.