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    General terms & conditions

    In the following part, we will mention the General terms & Conditions which will be applied to your order. 



    1.1 On www.shop.prokarting.eu, the contracts are exclusively done in French, in English and in German. In case of order on ProKarting, the counterparty will be Heavy Solutions, Heide 119, 3800 Sint-Truiden, Belgium.


    1.2 If you want to buy an article and so place an order, you must add the article in your cart. You can add the number of products you want to order. Next you have to enter all your personal information of your customer account, choose the shipment method, the payment method and also your promo code if you have one. Before validating your order, please check it and change it if needed. The main characteristics and the price of our products are clearly mentioned the product page. The button « confirm the order » allow you to confirm your order and as of this step, you order is definitive, and sales contract is done. Next you will receive an email confirming the order. Please note the shipment will be proceeded once the entire payment is received (just a reservation in the meantime). So please pay the order within 7 days after the order confirmation.


    1.3 Please keep in mind we will exempt of delivery in case of absolute necessity like: order placed to our supplier on time but the supplier doesn’t respect the delivery time. The exempt of delivery can use only if we are not responsible of this unavailability, if we are not taking the risk of unavailability and if we have mentioned this unavailability in a short term. If these three points are fulfilled, the order is cancelled, and we give you the money back.


    1.4 If we don’t have the product in stock, we will order it in one of our suppliers. If this articles is not available in one of our suppliers, we will give you back the money without any delay. We can’t be obliged to get the product for the customer out of our usual supplier as we don’t take the risk of unavailability, even for a generic product. The quantity announced in our webshop mentioned the stock physically present in our shop in Eupen (BE). The responsibility for the unavailable product only concerns the product affected by the unavailability and not the entire order.


    1.5 We are exclusively delivering in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Holland and France. All the delivery time mention on our website represents the opening days. The opening days start on Monday and finish Friday excluding any bank holiday.



    2.1 Products are invoiced based on the prices mentioned when you place, he order. All mentioned prices include all taxes.


    2.2 The products remain our property until the full payment is done including the delivery cost.


    2.3 The delivery costs have to be paid by the customer and are clearly mentioned when the customer places the order. You can also come in our physical shop in Eupen (BE) and avoid any delivery cost.


    3. PAYMENT


    3.1 We accept all the following method: bank card, credit card, Maestro, invoice, bank transfer, PayPal, Sofort,. Depending on the order, we could reduce/add some methods. We are only accepting the payment made from account hold in the European Union. Customer have to pay all extra fee related to the payment.


    3.2 In case of credit card payment, your bank account will be credited the day of the shipment.


    3.3 In case of payment delay, we could invoice you some extra charges: 5€ per payment reminder.


    3.4 For any payment delay, you have to pay some interet using the legal rate which will be apply do the outstanding amount.


    3.5 You accept to receive all the invoices in an electronic version.




    4.1 Reduction Coupon are provided free of charge during a promo period. They have a limited term of validity and can’t be buy or transfer.  


    4.2 Reduction coupon are valid during a specific period and can be used only one time in one single order. Some products could be excluded of this promo period. A reduction coupon can’t be used to buy a Voucher. A minimum order amount could be specified.


    4.3 To make a reduction coupon valid, the value of the order has to be at least equal to the value of the coupon. The remaining amount can be paid with the normal payment method. After the usage, any remaing amount of the coupon would not be reimburse and will not bring any interest. In case of return (partial or total), the part of the price paid which the coupon will not be reimburse.


    4.4 To apply a coupon to an order, you have to insert the coupon code before confirming the order. Applying coupon code to an already shipped order is excluded. unless otherwise specified, two coupon code can’t be used simultaneously.


    4.5 If you have used a coupon for your order, we can invoice the product at full price when, in case of partial retraction, the total remaining amount of the order is below or equal to the coupon value.



    5.1 You can use your recantation right without any reason witin 14 days and without any cost (excluding those mentioned in 6.4. and 6.7.). This recantation right stops 14 days after the day you, or the carrier selected by you, take the good physically.


    5.2 For using the recantation right, you must inform us (ProKarting, Heide 119, 3800 Sint-Truiden, Belgium +32.479.52.76.20 email: [email protected]) your decision to apply your recantation right through a declaration. You can use the following one (art. 6.10), but this is not mandatory.

    You can also fill in and send us a recantation document though an electronic version.

    If you use your recantation right, we will send you immediately and Acknowledgement of receipt.


    Recantation Right Exemption

    5.3 You can’t use the recantation right for a product which can’t be resell for healthy or hygienic reason. (p. Ex., cosmetic and underwear) if the packaging is open.

    After opening the security packaging, you can’t use anymore the recantation right exemption.


    Recantation effect

    5.4 In case of valuable recantation, we will reimburse you all the received payment excluding the shipment cost within 14 days after your recantation declaration.


    5.5 We will use the same payment method that the one you used for your order in line with article 9, except if we agree with another payment method. The reimburse is done without any cost for you.


    5.6 You must send us (ProKarting, Heide 119, 3800 Sint-Truiden, Belgium +32.479.52.76.20 email: [email protected]) back the goods without any delay and maximum within 14 days after the recantation declaration.


    5.7 This period is respected if you send the product before the deadline. Ce délai est respecté si vous expédiez la marchandise avant l’expiration du délai. The return shipment cost has to be paid by you and depends on the selected carrier.


    5.8 We have the right to postpone the reimbursement until we have received the good or that you have send us the proof of shipment. The date chosen being the first of these two events.


    5.9 All the value deterioration coming from a bad manipulation will be deducted from the reimbursement. By bad manipulation, we speak about something which is not necessary for the normal usage of the product.




    5.10 (If you want to use the following form, please fill in it and send us back)

    ProKarting, Heide 119, 3800 Sint-Truiden, Belgium +32.479.52.76.20 email: [email protected]

    I/we (*) mention through the following declaration my/our(*) wish to use the recantation right for the following article :  


    — Ordered on (*)/received on (*):

    — Name of the customer(s):

    — Address of the customer (s):

    — Date:

    (*) Delete that which does not apply.



    All the reimbursement that we would do, would be done on the bank account used for the initial order. In case of payment on invoice of advance payment, the reimbursement will be done on the bank account used for the transfer. If you pay by PayPal or Credit card, it will be done on the bank account linked to these accounts. If the payment is done through a voucher, we will credit your customer account.



    ProKarting customer service:

    E-mail : [email protected]

    Phone : +32.479.52.76.20


    8. DIVERS


    Heavy Solutions BV

    Heide 119

    3800 Sint-Truiden


    Intraco VAT# : BE 0723 834 190